FREE Lottery Tickets

Club Membership Benefit #3…

FREE lottery tickets in the Florida LOTTO!

Wow, these benefits just keep getting better and better, don’t they???

All active club members will receive one lottery ticket for every drawing for one month in the Florida LOTTO. An active member is one who has paid their monthly membership fee.

The Florida LOTTO has one of the most lucrative lottery drawings in the U.S. and you will have a ticket for every Wednesday and Saturday night drawing for each month that you are an active member.

There are two different memberships in Lotto Magic. The first is the Team Player. We place all of our Team Players on “teams” and use a sharing method. You will receive 10% of any ticket winnings as well as 10% of the ticket winnings of any of the 7 other members that we place on your team with you.

This means that you will receive 10% of the ticket winnings from 64 to 72 lottery tickets each month. We calculate this by multiplying the 8 or 9 drawings that there are each month in the Florida LOTTO times the 8 total members on each team — you plus the 7 members that we give to you.

You could be a millionaire next month!

“Team Players” receive all of the club benefits that we have shared with you so far for only $25.00 per month!

  • You will receive a lifetime of FREE 3-day 2-night hotel rooms for your next vacation.
  • You will receive discounts on entertainment, theatre, sporting events, shopping, gifts and more through our partner — Working AdvantageTM.
  • PLUS, most exciting of all, you are going to have 64 to 72 chances each month of becoming a millionaire!

Our incredible system of pooling our team members together increases your odds of winning a lottery jackpot tremendously!

Plus our custom designed computer program selects your numbers for you and eliminates number combinations that have never come up, such as “1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6”.

Since it is against postal regulations to mail lottery tickets through the mail, we purchase your tickets for you and keep them in our fireproof safe. We send you a report each month that informs you of your lottery ticket numbers as well as the other club members who are on your team.

Power Player:
Power Players receive the same benefits as the Team Players with one BIG addition! FREE tickets in the PowerBall lottery! Powerball is a multi-state lottery that regularly has the largest multi-million jackpots available. You always see these big winners in the news — and now you can be part of our powerful system for increasing your odds of winning!

For only $50.00 per month, you will be receiving a ticket in the Florida lottery and the Powerball lottery each Wednesday and Saturday night for every month that your membership is paid up and active in Lotto Magic. Just like the Team Player, you will place you on a team with 7 other members and you will receive 10% from your ticket winnings as well as 10% of the ticket winnings of the other 7 members we will place on your team. That’s 10% of 64 to 72 Florida lottery tickets each month and 10% of 64 to 72 Powerball lottery tickets each month!

But wait… it gets even better!!!



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